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TOP 10 VPS Hosting

The Best VPS Hosting plans.

The VPS hosting sites which are rated best by professional webmasters and web designers are ranked according to relaiblity, price, customer support, features, control panel, ease of use and server uptime.

Top 10 VPS Hosting Service Providers

Top 10 VPS Hosting Service Providers

1. Hostgator

vps hosting

2. Jaguarpc

3. Webfusion

4. Interserver

VPS Server

5. Myhosting


6. Greengeeks

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7. UK2

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8. CoolHandle

CoolHandle VPS Web Hosting Servers

9. 1&1

Become Successful with 1&1 Web Hosting

10. Nethosting

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting provides a web-based hosted virtual machine emulating a private web server. Virtual Private Server hosting allows full configuration, customization & administration as if you had a dedicated server and similarly, available resources are configured within those virtualized hardware limits.

Flexibility & Optimization

VPS Hosting provides a quickly scalable solution based on purchased VPS resources.

Purchased resources include:

- Memory
- Processor Speed
- Disk Space

Control, Customization & Security

Security and control is paramount to VPS hosting. A virtual private server provides unmatched control and customization of your environment. Security is greater with VPS since the underlying systems are controlled and isolated by similar means and standards to which a dedicated server is secured. As well, data is stored within a defined partition of a given server so the location of your data is centralized.

- Highly Secure
- Emulates a Dedicated Server


Monthly Billing Rates

VPS is billed on a monthly rate for each VPS. This rate is based on purchased resources of guaranteed availability like memory, CPU, disk space, backups, and other features but is a static monthly rate. Often a VPS will exceed the purchased limits when resources are available but this is not guaranteed at any given time.

Benefits of VPS monthly billing:
- Predictable billing
- Possible to exceed purchased resources if available
- Ideal for predictable traffic

A virtual private server is actually a slice of a physical server that is located off-site. It could be somewhere in the same city as your business, in another state, or halfway across the country. So long as you have a fast and stable Internet connection, and so long as the provider you choose has excellent uptime, the location of the server will not matter, it will be as if you are using a local server, but are able to access it from anywhere, rather than simply your office.

VPS providers take their physical servers and portion them out into slices, which are in turn rented to customers like your small business. Each of these server slices operates as if it were independent of all other server slices, despite the fact that they are all physically located on the same machine. This means that your data will not interact with the data or programs of others on the server, and that you will be protected in the event that something happens to their data or if they manage to crash their server portion.