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TOP 100 Web Hosting

TOP 100 Web Hosting Helps You Find the Host

The web hosting sites which are rated best by professional webmasters and web designers are ranked according to relaiblity, price, customer support, features, control panel, ease of use and server uptime.

TOP 100 Web Hosting Helps You find the Best Host for You.

The web hosting sites which are rated best by professional webmasters are ranked according to relaiblity, price, customer support, control panel, features, server uptime and ease of use.

We have split the TOP 100 in 10 categories as follows.

Web Hosting

Buying the right web hosting solution is a very important decision. Whether your website is for an online business, an information resource, a discussion forum, or for sharing views on a hobby or interest; you must use a web hosting service that will allow everyone else to view your creation. It is web hosting that empowers you to share information, sell prodcuts and services, and interact with people through a web site. Trying to choose a web host can be a very confusing exercise, especially when you consider the growing number of web hosts and their confusing advertisements. Therefore, it is important that before jumping in, you go through some sort of a research process for selecting the most appropriate web hosting company for your Internet presence.

Dedicated Server

A Dedicated Hosting Service permits any individual or business to rent out or lease an entire server without sharing it with anyone else. These are also known as Dedicated Servers. This enables them a much safer and more secure environment to do their online tasks and transactions such as server-based applications and tools. Databases can be accessed much faster. Websites can be viewed quicker. Everything is expected to be better.

Unlike in a commercial plane where you get to sit with someone you do not like and have limited space and legroom to move in, think of it as having your own private jet plane. No one else can ride it but you. You have all the comforts of home. You have all the leg room you need. You get to be served anytime you wish. You can go anywhere in the world. You have more freedom and more capabilities.

In the web hosting business a dedicated server refers to the rental and exclusive use of a computer that includes a Web server, related software and connection to the internet that is housed in the web hosting companies premises. A dedicated server is needed for a website that has considerable online presence and an abundance of traffic. The server can be configured and operated remotely from the client company. The use of dedicated server saves the client router, internet connection, security system and network administration costs. Many web hosts allow the client to select the components used in the server and the choice of operating system is also left to the owner.

In web hosting business a dedicated server simply denotes a rental service. The user rents the server, software and an internet connection from a Web host. A dedicated server located in a data centre is devoted to a single web hosting account unlike shared hosting where a client has to share accounts with hundreds others. The dedicated hosting option allows you the ability to maintain a large website while not having to be concerned about employing the staff to support it.

VPS Server

From a customers perceptive, a VPS hosting is the perfect stepping stone between shared and dedicated web hosting. When shared web hosting is no longer sufficient and you are not ready to go with dedicated VPS hosting is your answer.

What is the best about VPS is the isolated hosting environment that secures your websites performance and safety. As mentioned, a VPS-hosted website will operates independently like a dedicated server you do not share disk space, RAM, processes, TCP/IP stacks, operating system, or whatsoever.

Another pro of VPS compare to shared hosting is flexibility. With VPS hosting, you will get access to the system root. This means you are free to install any custom software or to tweak your system files in order to fulfill your website needs.

When compare with dedicated hosting, VPS has only one advantage its cheaper. In fact, its much, much cheaper. In many cases, while the features are more or less the same, a VPS hosting is 30-40% cheaper than a dedicated hosting deal.

Do not go with VPS provider that has limited sets of hosting plans. As mentioned, VPS hosting is unlike shared hosting where most of the operations are similar. Before purchase, you should check if the web host allows you to customize your VPS hosting plans.

Business Hosting

E-Commerce Hosting

Before you sign up an ecommerce web hosting plan, additionally, you should consider whether the plan selected is best for your business. Ecommerce hosting is an necessary steps which is very important to your commerce success. You must recognize that it is very important that the hosting provider that you selected can offer the uptime guarantee of 100%.

If you're determined to launch your company on the internet, you will need ecommerce web hosting to operate your business website. Ecommerce hosts plays an essential part in this where the reputation of your business is dependent in your website, thus it should be functioning as smoothly as possible with minimum working errors. There are numerous essential aspects that comes to online business web host that you should be conscious of prior of picking a support for your site.

Whenever you strategy to buy webpage package deal for your company website you've to think about the real reliability from the ecommerce hosting organization, how quick and well-informed is, the accessibility of the customer assistance middle and also the real general cost from the ecommerce hosting package. Lets take a closer appear to these types of three primary elements and see the part they play of failure the business website.

You have to become aware of the requirements regarding the web hosting support to get the appropriate one for the website. You also have to believe about the potential development of the website within the close to long term. Keep in mind that a website that functions well for the company these days, might not work as smoothly in the lengthy term if your company is performing truly good and for those who have not taken in concern the heavy load of traffic in your website.

You will find lots of upgrade packages offered by ecommerce hosting companies, but you have to really carefully examine these packages to check out the time of their implementation, because they should not carry long to change your present package to a new one when needed. Also examine the cost from the upgrade and see if the new package is suitable for you or you will have to choose an additional higher end ecommerce web hosting answer. These are the most important factors to believe about earlier to choosing any of them.

Green Hosting

Green hosting or eco-friendly hosting is Internet hosting which involve green technologies to reduce environmental impact.

Green hosting include Carbon offsetting, powering a data center directly with renewable energy, planting trees, plants and grass around and over Data Centers and more day to day activities such as energy conservation and the use of energy saving appliances. Green hosting utilized green marketing with focusing on green consumers that are concerning about the environment.

Simply by selecting eco-friendly website hosting, you can save the planet as you can, by recycling things wherever possible, buying materials produced from reused components, telecommuting alternatives, and utilizing renewable power resources.

Personal Hosting

It's about great value for family and hobby websites A reliable hosting package complete with a generous amount of web space and virus and spam protected personal email.

Wordpress Hosting

Lots of people are looking for the best WordPress Hosting. Since its inception in 2003 WordPress has become the worlds most popular self hosted blogging tool, powering millions of sites. Although it started as a blogging platform it has now become a full CMS (Content Management System) and through the use of themes, plugins and widgets no technical knowledge is required to make it look however you want.

WordPress is the worlds number #1 blogging platform. WordPress is a complex, yet easy to use blogging script which merges an advanced interface with state of the art publishing features. Due to the complex nature of the blogging platform, running with the latest PHP features, its very important to choose a WordPress Hosting package which provides the correct technical specifications to enable WordPress to run correctly. Below, we have provided a review of each of the compatible hosts for WordPress.

Blog Hosting

Before you can begin to find the best blog hosting services, you will have to define your needs. Will you be using the blog site on a professional level of just for personal reasons? Are you willing to pay a few dollars per month for reliable but cheap blog hosting services or are you willing to work with free blog hosting sites? There are several ways to blog on your web site.

You can write of course, but you may want to incorporate video or photographs. If you intend to use these, your blog hosting service needs to be able to support your needs. Are you planning to get your own URL or use one provided by blog hosting sites? Can your blog host help you promote your site or will you need to have ads? If you want widgets or other applications for your blog then your blog host will need to have them.

There are a number of platforms you can use for a blog but WordPress is the most popular. There are a great number of plugins available which means you can get your site to behave as you wish. There are also numerous themes available which means you can get the appearance and layout of your blog as you require. If you have any problems or want something different you will find lots of help available online.

The most of big hosting companies support and everyone that we recomend have WordPress and offer One Click, or at least very easy, installs which means that you can have your blog up and running in just a few minutes. If you have any problems they will provide support.

The blogging sites are always at the helm of getting hacked or spammed especially the ones which become very popular. The first and foremost thing then becomes is the safety of your site from hackers and spammers. If you choose hosting for your site then you will not have to worry about the hackers and spammers as it gives you regular updates to prevent spams. These updates are regularly updated in your site without you doing it whenever a new update is available.

This can be done by just changing the setting in your site. The spammers can be prevented from entering your site by just incorporating plug-ins or an option available to prevent spammers especially created for its users. One other aspect that you should consider while having a site is the back up of your work. In certain events you may tend to lose your work that is your blogs may get erased. A backup can help you get back all the blogs. However, WordPress can save you from the labor of creating a backup as it keeps the backup of all your works every day. Also, switching off your blog from one provider to another can be a tedious task until unless you are switching from one hosting service to another. Switching provider becomes very easy.

Cloud Hosting

The defining feature of cloud-based services is the capability to disseminate server resources on demand. The purpose of rapid resource deployment characterized by cloud hosting is to fluidly accommodate sporadic or sustained traffic and data requirements. Often cloud-based services are used by developers looking for a transient but efficient hosting solution for temporary development projects, but even larger corporations are finding real, fiscally solid hosting solutions in the cloud. From e-commerce websites to mobile apps, cloud and cloud-hybrid hosting options are currently the hosting methods of choice for individuals and corporations looking for flexible and cost-efficient solutions to their hosting needs. See NetHosting's app hosting and cloud hosting product pages to learn more or contact a Dedicated Expert to discuss a cloud hosting option that can accommodate your unique hosting needs.

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